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r 슬롯 physiological vulnerabilityIn

r 슬롯 physiological vulnerability
In alcoholism, changes in the physiological and biochemical functions of the brain and the god
It causes symptoms of withdrawal. But pathological gamblers are addicted to alcohol
Unlike drug addiction, when you’re not taking addictive drugs
Withdrawal symptoms or resistance due to addiction to the door are not noticeable
Here we go. For this reason, pathological gambling is a secret addiction
It is called behavior addiction. But morbid gambling
Some researchers believe that it is a product of physiological dysfunction. physiology
The right person interacts with psychosocial factors and finally acts
Determining, researchers measure the effectiveness of these physiological predispositions
Ryeo made a steady attempt to.
a genetic predisposition
One of the topics that attracted the most attention was genetic in pathological gamblers
It was whether there was a cause. According to one study, parents are alko
Ole or drug abuse accounts for 18-43% of morbid gamblers
There were, and 2028% of parents had gambling problems.2 Also
Children who have pathological gamblers as parents are given drugs in their teens or adolescents
There is a high rate of abuse or behavioral problems. a gambling house
In the case of boys, parents are worse than Ching boys who have gambling problems
There are many cases of gambling.3 minutes of childhood or genetic predisposition
I’m going to start gambling with Bingjik under the influence of the growth environment of Naching boyhood
There is a high possibility. But do you know if this is due to genetic predisposition
It is not clear whether it is due to the cotton growth environment.
In another study, the uniformity of serving in the r 슬롯 military during the Vietnam War

Telephone interviews were conducted on 6,718 twins and fraternal twins
All. As a result, genetic factors have contributed to the five serious cases of morbid gambling behavior
35%-54% were explained, and family history was more than four symptoms of pathological gamblers
62% of the awards were accounted for. 0) These studies show that genetic factors
It has this effect, but the experience of childhood has led to the vulnerability of cold gambling behavior
have a significant impact. Research papers also have access to legal gambling
As the number of people who are vulnerable due to family factors increases
It was concluded that morbid gambling increased the chance of developing the disease.
a pleasure-seeking child
Unlike others, many pathological gamblers are powerful as they gamble
experience a sense of intoxication. The pleasure is too powerful for some gamblers
The results are similar to the pleasure experienced when taking drugs
There is.The reason why you experience this powerful pleasure is because gambling is a brain-driven, brain-driven way of thinking
because it affects the compensation center and neurotransmitters
There is. The brain contains neurotransmitters that affect behavior and physical function
There is a chemical called. If you take drugs like cocaine, it’s temporary
elevated levels of dopamine, one of the neurotransmitters in the brain
cause for. Even morbid gamblers are cocaine addicts or drowsy drug addicts
It observes the internal anger of emotional light behavior similar to field, which is gambling behavior
This increases the level of dopamine in the brain.2)
lack of deterrence
Physiological predispositions that cause pathological gambling, such as lack of inhibition or
Impulsivity can be cited. Researchers say the lack of inhibition is physiological
I believe that the ideal is in the dark. According to one study, pathological gamblers

The fact that there is a defect in the old woman (ERC) in response to stimulation
It has been transmitted.These sections are for normal brain functioning people
This suggests that the brain function of pathological gamblers may be different. Crab
In popular research, brain waves from childhood before developing into pathological gambling
and people who suffered from hyperactivity disorder
It turned out that there was a lot.8) These studies have shown that some of the cold gamblers do not
has at least a potential childhood attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Deformation
This suggests that it may have appeared. in addition to alcohol
Yeon because it turns out that some of the readers have the same predisposition
Gujarricians believe that overactivity disorder of attention deficit permission causes morbid gambling and alcoholism
It was argued that it reflected a common brain function deficit. To them, I
Lack of ability to support and withhold, i.e. lack of deterrence
All. Lack of control is an alcoholic or drug that indulges in alcohol excessively
The same applies to excessive problematic behavior such as water abuse and binge eating. a morbid enemy
Beats or alcoholics are self-regulated because of a 슬롯나라바로가기 ack of control
The system fails to regulate behavior in certain areas where it is necessary. morbid gambling
Like other addictive behaviors, the same physiological r 슬롯 element of lack of inhibition
It has phosphorus, and its lack of deterrence is aimed at gambling
It’s just that.

r 슬롯

Physiological factors. That restraint isn’t a problematic behavior
Physiological predispositions and mental dry packs interact from experience
It damages the arsenic fluid that can learn something.) Physiological vulnerability is
People who do have a risk of developing addiction, including cold gambling
If you develop into a high, morbid, you become more addicted to gambling.





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